Foteini studied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (B.Sc.) in Greece. In 2013 she was accepted at the University of Lübeck, where she did her M.Sc. studies in Infection Biology (Germany, 2015). She sharpened her skills in molecular medicine techniques by working on an interesting project related to the autoimmune disease Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita (EBA) for her master thesis (Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Lübeck).

Since March 2016 she is a doctoral researcher in LIED Institute in the group of Prof. Ludwig and a member of the RTG 1743 group Genes, Environment and Inflammation. Foteini is studying the genotype-environment interactions for quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting common chronic inflammatory diseases. In this context, she is working on the determination of the influence of genetics (QTL) and dietary regimens (environment) on various phenotypes in specific mice set ups. Her main focus lies on the characterization of the composition and structure of the microbiome and mycobiome intestinal communities of those mice by using next generation sequencing (NGS).