Research Agenda

The group Medical Systems Biology focuses on the integrated analysis and modeling of high-throughput data for auto-immune disease, cancer research and precision medicine. Being at the interface of medicine, cell and computational biology, the group develops predictors of the onset and progression of disease, devrlops multi-scale dynamic mathematical models for cellular behavior from an initial stimulus to the final phenotype and integrates computational analysis with medical information for a better molecular understanding of disease.

In close collaboration with the Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology and Institute for Integrative and Experimental Genomics we develop integrated Systems Biology solutions for in depth analysis of the molecular bases of disease onset, progression and therapy.

Based on the integration of multi-OMICS data with large-scale interaction maps we aim to derive common and disease specific regulatory networks, whose dynamics and feedbacks are causal for the disease phenotype.

Follow-up perturbation experiments on appropriate in vivo and in vitro models will allow to elucidate and model detailed pathway dynamics and gene regulatory programs that alter cell states and decisions on multiple time scales.