Translational research at skin diseases

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Dr. Enno Schmidt

In this practical training we will focus on the detection of antibodies in autoimmune bullous diseases aiming the development of new test systems to improve the diagnosis of such diseases. This is about the use of new target antigens, as well as to the optimization of existing detection systems in terms of effectiveness, cost reduction and automation.

Practical skills:

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

  • Immunofluorescence staining
  • Immunoblot analysis
  • Cell culture


  • understanding the pathogenesis of auto-antibody driven diseases
  • development and optimization of diagnostic techniques in autoimmune skin diseases
  • individual presentation of relevant literature by participants
  • working with human material

Allocation of credti and grading by:

  • Oral presentation and written report