Molecular Life Science


2. Semester 

  • Modul Biologie 2 (LS1500), Bacterial genetic, Lecture


1. Semester

 2. Semester 

  • Modul MZ4127-KP06 (Clinical Immunology I) Lecture
  • Modul MZ4127-KP06 (Clinical Immunology I) Seminar
  • Modul Med. Zellbiologie II /LS4100-F (Clinical Immunology II) Lecture

 3. Semester 

  • Modul LS5200 ZP/ Inflammatory skin diseases: From bench to bedside and back, Seminar with Internship
  • Modul LS5200 ZS/ Serologically and histopathologically diagnostic of inflammatory diseases, Seminar with Internship